About Us

Addison Energy Technologies, LLC (AET) is an independent, woman-owned, AABC (14-05-91) and NEBB certified (3550) Air and Water Test and Balance (TAB), Building System and Retro Commissioning and Third Party Inspection organization that provides specialized services for the Industrial and Commercial Marketplace.

AET is a customer driven company headquartered in Toccoa, GA, that believes integrity is the root of all business relationships. Our journey began in 1982 treating and balancing water in refineries on the Texas Gulf Coast. Today, we continue to provide our customers with integrity and quality services. Our number one credo is "Customer Satisfaction”.

We are committed to providing quality service and technology to our customers. Our field engineers undergo Continuous Improvement training to insure that we hit our mark. This training includes: HMI modules; human engineering; applied hydronics and air; and on-the job training. We also incorporate interactive training modules, as well as, external and internal seminars into our regiment.

Our operating model is a derivative of the Japanese Team approach… communication being a key driver.

Partnering on large projects requires that our execution begins in stages. This methodology allows both AET and our customer to have an overview of the system during installation. We perform our due diligence very early in the construction process. This allows us to identify areas of opportunity in the preliminary stages without issuing last minute deficiencies and call backs. These deficiencies and call backs create a number of issues, including:

We communicate our findings on a routine basis. We believe that communication (internal and external) is a matrix that determines success or failure.

Our pro-active approach allows us to provide TAB partnering oversight rather than operating in the reactive "call back" mode. If the value proposition is Value=Benefits/Price, it is our goal to increase the benefits side of this equation which increases Customer Satisfaction.

From a TAB perspective, we deploy state-of-the-art instrumentation that is calibrated according to AABC and NEBB standards. These standards are communicated in all reports generated. The data collected during our daily operations is transmitted remotely to our office; the report “in progress” is updated and returned to our field personnel for validation and future use. This model is an integral part of our culture.

Our ACG and NEBB certified engineers and technicians perform building commissioning to the highest standards to meet your building’s performance needs. We can supply HVAC, envelope, LEED Enhanced, or Total Building Commissioning for design-build or design-bid-build projects at any stage of construction.

Segmenting the report preparation insures that we are pro-actively executing our operations. This benefit is realized on commissioning day… your TAB report is not an impediment.

Properly deployed TEAMS create a synergistic effect which promotes effective execution.

AET understands today's business environment and is committed to delivering VALUE to our customers on a daily basis.